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the iris mag

Welcome to the Iris

Ah – there you are! Right - pull up a sofa, grab a caffeine and sharpen your finger for a click-tastic online adventure through the world of all things cine, video and photo from the perspective of the industry’s leading magazine – IRIS.

Now, as well as subscribing to IRIS the magazine, courtesy of your i-Gadget or laptop you can pop in here at any time, wherever you are, and catch up on the latest happenings in our ever-changing world. Or browse content from our previous issues. PLUS you’ll find extra pics, extra bits of interview, snippets of up-coming reviews, links to interesting stuff - and anything else we can think of – right here.

It has also been statistically proven that ‘liking’ us on Facebook vastly improves your chances of becoming the next Guillermo Del Toro – or whoever your personal industry hero is. Probably. So just in case, I’d click here and do the right thing if I were you.

Enjoy the site – email us any ideas for new content, and don’t forget to subscribe.

The Badger Blog Home

Stay up-to-the-minute with Badger's Weekly Blog...

So the annual sojourn to the outer reaches of the East has been and gone, and even as we sit, pondering which piece of techno-wizardry to spend our hard-earned beer vouchers on, the Exhibition pixies are skipping rain-forests worth of MDF and miles of the thinnest carpet known to man, ahead of the next build-up. But it has been an interesting few days in Docklands, and when I landed there on Wednesday at the crack of 10am it was already rammed with visitors, buzzing round the myriad stands and drinking in the sights before buzzing off to the CVP sponsored bar and drinking in the bottled stuff.

Are we all ready for next week and the docklands delight that is BVE? We are – and IRIS will be making an appearance on Wednesday to check-the-tech, and for that reason alone we’re heading towards the moister end of excitement at the prospect, to be honest.

Sony’s curvily chic super 35 camcorder is proving hugely popular – so much so that actually getting your hands on one can be something of a challenge. But with a feature-rich specification and a very palatable price tag it’s little wonder that the Kim Kardashian of cameras is causing such a stir. So, when we got the opportunity to get our hands on one for 24 hours we jumped at the chance – and took it to Bristol for a day out!
Front Page Magazines

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Front Page Magazines

Irismag Edition 11

As well as all the good stuff from IBC 2014 this IRIS is literally packed with new and exciting products from the Sony FS7 to Sennheiser’s very clever Esfera kit.

Badger talks Varicam, Tom Barnes talks G-Tech, we get the low-down on broadcast rentals from Gearbox Director Stephen Ratcliff, Simon Reynolds gets all poetic about the A7s and we take a look at three different slider solutions - we even go ‘Maverick & Goose’ with DJI’s Phantom II. In fact from Amira to Zacuto, it’s all in IRIS edition 11!

Irismag Edition 10

Fasten your seatbelts as edition 10 of IRIS takes us on a world tour, from CVP’s systems installation at BCU to the Nevada desert, home of Vegas and NABShow 2014.

Badger takes a trip to the dark side and talks URSA to Blackmagic’s Simon Westland, and as AJA launch their on the shoulder 4K camera we ask ‘is it a CION of the times?’ Plus Canon’s 1D C, on the road with Nikon's D800, assorted Sony cameras, flight testing the MoVI M10 and a revisit of the tasty NewTek 3Play courtesy of Mat Recardo.

Irismag Edition 9

Shmoke and a Pancake? Myers and Badger head to Amsterdam to check out what’s hot at IBC, including Arri’s AMIRA. Canon’s diminutive C100 gets the once-over, and we peer into several VJ’s backpacks to find out what they carry.

Is the grass greener on the other side? Industry legend Grass Valley say yes. Philip Bloom takes the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to town, we discover what’s cooking in the NewTek kitchen, and Phil Myers gives us chapter-and-verse on 4K.

Front Page Magazines

Irismag Edition 8

We spill the beans on the latest technology coming out of IBC 2012 and find out about life with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Tiny little cameras go under the microscope in our minicam article, and we look at how Da Vinci Resolve makes the grade.

Chris Brumwell reviews Adobe’s Anywhere software, we check out Optical Disc Archives, media workflows, Sennheiser's MKE 600 and Avid’s Media Composer software, and we investigate whether CVP’s Mat Recardo has found a cure for baldness!

Irismag Edition 7

There was a plethora of new and exciting kit announced at NAB 2012, and we’re here to show you all of the highlights including the Canon Eos 1D C and Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Freelance cameraman Jamie Knights talks about life with the Canon EOS C300 and explains why he chose the large sensor camcorder. Chris Brumwell examines what’s new in the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite and Phil Myers takes a look into the world of acquisition.

Irismag Edition 6

Take a canon XF305, saw the front off it, stick a big single sensor on it, add interchangeable lenses. How good would it be? Wombat asses the technical capabilities of the new Canon EOS C300.

One camera is not enough! Squirrel investigates what today’s cameraman should be carrying in his bag. Den Lennie thinks the Sony FS100 could be the new Bolex and Karak has a rant about everything that is changing. Peter Knowles makes the case for digital radio microphones.

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